Thursday, March 20, 2003

My eyes! My eyes!

Ok, I have something I can live with for now. Time for a little spring roundball. Gotta get the eyeballs away from this infernal machine and keep them away from the green infrared glow of today's war. The eyes really are taking a beating.

So before attending totally to the mind rotting TV I go to a site I post on almost daily. Earlier there was a bit of ugliness and as a result one of the forums (fora?) disappeared. I thought it was a bit much, but knowing how much trouble it is to moderate this stuff, I let it go. But now I'm seeing folks replacing the owner's posts and more signs of a right wing coup. So the question is, are they feeling empowered and taking over? Or am I so damn touchy after hearing so much out of their mouths lately that I just can't stand any more?

Rotting my mind is looking excellent right now. If I could just get rid of the news scroll at the bottom of the screen . . .

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