Sunday, April 27, 2003

Thank You Lady Bird
It has been a beautiful spring day, clear blue sky with high puffy clouds, redbud and dogwood trees in bloom, and the grass and trees showing that light bright color that comes as such a relief after the long dreadful grey of a too long winter. The cherry blossom trees in downtown Washington are world famous. They aren't only around the monuments, however, The entire area is covered with the white and pale pink of the trees; a slight breeze brings petal rain.

More striking, however, are that vast areas of usually nothing, the parks and spaces that are usually invisible stretches of grass and dirt run across by boys and bicycles, that spring to life for a brief time in the spring. Lady Bird Johnson planted bulbs, vast fields of tulips and daffodils that come to life in the spring. It is good to wander among them feeling the sun on your flesh and forgetting the cares of the world.

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