Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The War Really Ends
Today in Tel Aviv a suicide bomber destroyed a restaurant. The press tenuously connect it to Palestinian approval of the new Cabinet. There was an earlier bombing last Thursday that killed one security guard.
Press reports linked that to Palestinian governmental movement as well.

I, not being a sophisticated and highly paid member of the fourth estate, however, hold a different view.

Did you notice the almost total absence of suicide bombings and similar violence in Israel during our little Iraqui invasion? In my view the Palestinians and their close supporters knew perfectly well that in that volatile atmosphere Israel would not play nicely. Israel recognized the possibility that they might be attacked and were not likely to be operating under the "rules" of the first Gulf War when they agreed to sit it out. I doubt that our current president would have been able to talk Israel out of retaliation as his father is reputed to have done.

So I conclude that the Palestinian comfort with again engaging in suicide bombings, particularly the recent one within sight of the U. S. Embassy reflects their belief that the Iraq war and the dangers that it brought to the existance of some of the nearby nation-states has ended.

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