Monday, June 02, 2003

Last Tuesday Our President signed the AIDS bill said to be worth $15 billion. The administration is touting this as a centerpiece in their demonstration of "compassionate conservatism." The bill calls for spending of $3 billion a year for five years.

However Congress must approve the expenditures and Our President is only seeking approval for $1.7 billion for the next fiscal year. Women's eNews shows that in spite of clear evidence that most African women who have AIDS are married and monogamous, one goal of the right wing "family-values lobbyists" including Family Research Council, Eagle Forum and Concerned Women of America was to curb the use of condoms. They are permitted in the AIDS bill but the family-values lobbyists won approval to require that 33 percent of the money slated for prevention to be used for "abstinence-until-marriage" programs. Bill Frist pushed it through the Senate.

This kind of cynical posturing at the expense of people's lives is just sickening. And the right wonders why we think of them as evil.

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