Friday, June 27, 2003

somebody is addressing half of my biggest concern. Paul Krugman today referring to an upcoming article in The Washington Monthly talks about laying the foundation for one party rule. " from the drive to privatize Medicare, to the pro-tax-cut fliers General Motors and Verizon recently included with the dividend checks mailed to shareholders, to the pro-war rallies organized by Clear Channel radio stations. As he points out, these are symptoms of the emergence of an unprecedented national political machine, one that is well on track to establishing one-party rule in America."

Now if the national media will talk about the utter contempt with which the current administration (maybe I'll adopt Jo Fish's convention of calling them the 1600 Crew) treats the separation of powers. And while I'm on this road, I am quite certain that the ultimate goal is that one-party rule based in a single branch of government, the executive. Don't we have a word for that form of government?

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