Sunday, June 29, 2003

How It Really Works
On Friday I pointed to the seemingly successful drive toward one party rule in the government. The 1600 Crew is covering its bases. They are also busy ensuring that they are in charge of the major lobbying groups, and they aren't bothering to do it nicely. "Partly because of the "K Street Project" -- and partly because of GOP control of Congress and the presidency -- virtually every major company or trade association looking for new top-level representation is hiring or seeking to hire a prominent Republican politician or staffer, according to Republicans and Democrats tracking the situation." An RNC rep said that 33 of the top 36 jobs went to Republicans.

What's the difference? you say. Well those lobbiests largely control the flow of industry/coporate funds to the political parties. And they also control support for political agendas. For example "Hollywood's two premier trade associations -- the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America -- are strongly considering replacing their current leaders, who are liberals, with prominent Republicans. Officials at the motion picture association have privately told Republicans they want a Republican to run the organization if President Jack Valenti, a former aide to President Lyndon B. Johnson, steps down this year as expected. "

Go read. These people do not play nicely. In fact they bear a strong resemblance to thugs.

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