Saturday, June 21, 2003

News on the Road
Jeanne D'Arc has been getting her news from television sound bites for a week just like most folks do all the time. Go read her day-by-day observations which include this:
"On Wednesday, they switched the television over to NBC, where Dolly Parton broke my heart. Being a Dolly Parton fan has always necessitated an ability to overlook kitsch in order to hear that glorious voice, but Dolly has now gone way beyond kitsch. Picture Dolly in a white miniminimini dress with star-spangled sleeves and red and white stripes covering a small portion of her breasts. She's singing an entirely forgettable "patriotic" song. I'm already cringing, when suddenly cowboys on white horses ride out in front of her, carrying American flags so enormous you expect them to topple over. I'm also wondering when the jousts begin. The lights are flashing stars on the ground. If Leni Riefenstahl ever decides to do a remake of "Nashville," this is what it will look like."

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