Wednesday, June 18, 2003

This Morning
being the leftist that I am, I wake up to one of my local public radio stations. (Sometimes I wish I were one of those right wingnuts who could stand those whiney my dog died and my girlfriend loves the shopkeeper country western songs. That would just pop me right out of bed. Instead there is sometimes something interesting on the radio. But I digress ... often.)

And, as many public radio stations do in the morning, they talk at me. Today as I try to shake off the groggy nighttime haze I hear them babbling about the Southern Baptists and how they are willing to accept homosexuals if only they will renounce their way of life and become heterosexuals. Recall that I am in a fog.

Didn't they do this before or is this one of those weird deja vu moments? Yeah, yeah, I'm sure this all happened before. I'm pretty sure I remember all this reaching out and condemnation. So what's the deal? Was it wildly successful last time? Are gay folk beating down the church doors begging to be let in and promising to become heterosexual? Don't the SBs have anything better to do than try to un-gay people?

Damn, when did life become this surreal? (Oh, and the day didn't get much better.)

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