Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Michael *yawn* Savage
By now every blogger and news outlet in the universe has reported Michael Savage's firing by MSNBC. (I'm always too late to report these things because gainful employment interferes with my time. Annoying, but useful when I experience some desire to drop by the supermarket.) Apparently the pig has even apologized. Of course if you read it carefully he does kind of say he's sorry he got caught.

Oh yeah, we're overwhelmed by his sincerity, aren't we boys and girls?

(Just in case you have been hiding in a cave for the past some hours, after asking a caller if he was gay and getting an affirmative response, Mikey says ""Oh, you're one of the sodomites," Savage said. "You should only get AIDS and die, you pig! How's that? Why don't you see if you can sue me, you pig? You got nothing better than to put me down, you piece of garbage? You got nothing to do today? Go eat a sausage and choke on it. Get trichinosis. Okay, do we have another nice caller who's busy and didn't have a nice night in the bathhouses, angry at me today?" Swell guy, eh?)

So tell me this. Why did MSNBC hire him? Surely they knew exactly what they were going to get. Expecting Savage to not bash gays is like hiring Sean Hannity and being surprised to find that he can't go an hour without doing that wretched imitation of a Clinton voice or talking about a semen stain. It's like hiring Rush and expecting him not to call people liars all day all the time. So they hire the guy, he does what everybody knows he's going to do, and then they fire him. Am I just so unsophisticated that I don't understand how the business works?

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