Sunday, July 20, 2003

So trying to escape the reality that surrounds me, especially since here in the Washington DC vicinity national news is local news, I go off to the swimming pool to paddle about and lie in the sun reading my book. Changing my clothes in the locker room I spot a small gaggle of very older women -- I expect the youngest is in her mid seventies -- standing in the bathroom area stark naked having a convocation of some sort. One of the eldest is quite small, perhaps 4 foot 7 or so and probably weighs no more than 85 pounds. She has a walker.

I am puttering around, doing my thing and I notice that the volume of their conversation is increasing. They are talking about the world situation, especially Iraq, Korea, and the fact that they don't feel remotely safe in their homes. Suddenly one shouts "Dammit!!". I look up and see that it is the tiny one with the walker. Her face is quite red. And she, practically spitting with rage, follows up with "That George Bush is just a pile of crap!"

I guess that about says it all.

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