Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Debate
I'm watching. But I had a tough time finding it, even though I knew when it was on television. Turns out it is on Faux ... who would have guessed that the Congressional Black Caucus would sponsor a debate at Morgan State University (part of the University of Maryland system outside of Baltimore) on Faux. Weird.

But everybody from the candidates to Terry McAuliffe has to do a better job of letting folks know that this stuff is happening. Weren't we just whining about the fact that most folks don't know who is running for the Democratic nomination?

Now on topic .. Joe Lieberman is obviously trying to show how tough he is. But he just comes across as obnoxious. There was a shouting interruption by a LaRouche supporter and Al Sharpton said something sensible to the audience ... he was the only one. Sheesh.

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