Thursday, September 18, 2003

Here in the environs of Your Nation's Capital total panic reigns. There appears to be a hurricane headed in this general direction sometime, later. They are predicting rain and something like 40 mile an hour winds. And hysteria abounds. It is totally weird.

Now, mind you, I haven't seen a drop of rain, and the leaves on my trees are fluttering gently. There is some cloud cover. *yawn*

The Federal Government is closed. Every local school system is closed. All nearby states have declared a state of emergency. The subway system will be closing in five minutes. And NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Nothing. I kid you not.

Ok, the power will go out. The power always goes out. It is a lot like living in Iraq or Afghanistan. Five days out of seven I have some kind of power failure, so I can be pretty certain of a blogging hiatus. And cable TV will go out because the lousy connectors seem to fail whenever the wind approaches, say, 8 mph.

Our Fearless Leader has retreated from the relative safety of the White House to a wooden 'cabin' in the middle of a forest. Oh, that's bright. Those trees have been ordered not to fall over. But he gets to talk to the press wearing an ugly bright blue open necked shirt with a sports coat. Just one of the guys.

And the press ... well that's another rant.

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