Saturday, September 06, 2003

New Guys
I have added two new blogs well worth visiting to the sidebar. Open Source Politics is a group blog composed of about 35 bloggers, many of whom are already known to the sidebar. Their instigator is Kevin Hayden otherwise known to you as Cowboy Kahlil. It is wonderful to look at, well organized, and chock full of content. Go.

While we are on the subject, the four miscreants, the Farmer, Lambert, Leah, and Tresy, who filled in for Atrios during the summer have gone and started their own place called Corrente. According to The Farmer, "corrente meaning stream or current (Italian). In this case, as in a stream or current of information...ideas and so forth. Like a blog...which is a constant moving current/stream of information." One of their first acts was to create a lexicon including terms such as "pretzel boy." You'll like.

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