Sunday, December 14, 2003

More Than I Wanted To Know
I had a rare insight watching Mr. Rumsfeld preening and crowing on 60 Minutes. Leslie Stahl kept asking him how the capture of Saddam Hussein was going to change the likelihood of terror, how it made us safer. And, as he usually does, he started to get huffy and strident, clearly annoyed that she would dare ask him such a question. Eventually he stammered out answers that covered his leadership and finally, weakly, pointing to the money he had with him. In my view they were all weak, silly arguments.

But he seemed to be reflecting an belief, widespread in the administration, that a single leader can make a huge difference in the political climate. *sound of my hand slapping my forehead* That's why this mattered so much. Without the charismatic leader they actually believe any opposition to the US will melt with the capture of Saddam Hussein. By the same token, the Supremes appointment of our very own charismatic leader was supposed to dissolve all opposition to his will. No wonder he is so pissed off at upstarts who dare to challenge his will. Doh.

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