Friday, December 19, 2003

Radio Right
For about two years now I have been listening to right wing talk radio and I'm fed up beyond belief. First of all, I own the airwaves, and my opinions are never (yes, I mean never) represented. What's up with that?
Second, if folks on the left side of the fence were as extreme as these righties, folks would go apeshit nuts.

Here's an example from Rush earlier this week:
You know, I have to tell you, folks, when this guy Hussein came out of the hole, I thought, for crying out loud, the Unabomber escaped and went back somewhere. I half expected them to find Gore's book in that hole over there in Tikrit and then when that wasn't the case, I said, well, obviously what he's doing, he's coming out of hiding here to endorse Howard Dean. Did this guy not look like the Unabomber to you? And then the next thing I thought of, wait a second, something here is not computing. Because we've got all these stories over the years of the labyrinth, of elaborate tunnels, paved with concrete, dug so deep into the soil of Iraq that Saddam could withstand even a nuclear blast or two.

Where are they? There's nothing. It is absolutely incredible, he's been living like the Unabomber, he looks like the Unabomber, he looks like somebody that would endorse Howard Dean. It's just incredible. And we just finished a press conference with the president, thanks to the president for wrapping it up two minutes before the program began. Do not think that that's an accident, ladies and gentlemen, do not think that's a coincidence, the president starts a press conference at 11:15 and ends it at 12:04 and you think, wow, how lucky we all are? No, my friends, no luck here. "

So try for a moment to ignore the fact that the man is a total whackjob, his train of thought looks a map of the train routes in Europe , and that he has better drugs than you or I. Oh, and that he is basically a mean and evil human being. Just supposed we compared Our President to the Unabomber ... the hue and cry!! How can you do that? Aren't you all bad and mean? And on top of all that, how did this whackjob harp so much on the word "liberal" that the balance shifted and folks can now say Bill Clinton was a leftie and get away with it? Amazing.

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