Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Threat Level

has been raised to sort of yellow and sort of orange. What color is that? Kind of pumpkin?

As I type Mr. Ridge is on my television saying that the threat level has been raised to orange in My Home Town (Washington, DC), and in the financial sections of northern New Jersey, and New York City. Oh, swell. I get strip searched when I try to go to work.

I'm sure that there is absolutely no connection between this announcement and John Kerry's rising poll numbers. None at all.

"We ARE safer than we ever have been before." -- Tom Ridge, today

How on earth are they going to convince us that we are both in greater danger than we have ever been before and, simultaneously, that we are safer than we have ever been with Mr. Bush in charge? Every time they say this my head starts to spin around. Doesn't this happen to everybody else?

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