Wednesday, November 03, 2004


It is hard to deal with feelings when I still feel gut-punched, but it is time I got started.

Mostly right now I'm sorry. Every single one of us could have done a little more, opened our eyes a little wider, taken it a little more seriously. So for whatever small thing I failed to do, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry because so damn many caring, patriotic, well-meaning, hard-working people will spend the next four years being treated as if they don't matter.

The word of the day is 'mandate.' Mr. Bush talks about unity while Mr. Cheney and his henchcritters talk about a mandate, about the largest number of voters ever voting for Mr. Bush, more than Ronald Reagan. Well news !! The second largest, more than voted for Ronald Reagan, voted for John Kerry.

I'm wandering.

Anyway this manufactured mandate will be the excuse for turning everyone who isn't a Rove loyalist into a non-person. Get used to it now so you aren't shocked later.

I'm also sorry for all of the people who won't get educated or fed or receive medical care because some cowboy mentality is struggling to pull us back 75 years and erase the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt. And I'm sorry for all of the folks who will die in silly wars and the other folks who will die in preventable terrorist attacks.

So we have to fix it. Don't forget that while you're mourning.

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