Monday, November 29, 2004

It Was Only a Matter of Time
The dominos fall. My Local News -- that is the Washington DC metropolitan area -- is leading off the evening newscast with a story about pharmacists who are refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control pills because, after all, you shouldn't be having sex. And as we all know, if you have sex you should be punished by getting pregnant and being forced to carry the baby to term.

You say I'm being an extremist, exaggerating? How about this? "Louisiana Pharmacist, Lloyd Duplantis believes birth control is tantamount to abortion. "I don't sell condoms", he says. "I don't sell foams. I don’t sell creams. I don't sell anything to do with contraception." Ole Lloyd seems to be legally allowed to call himself a pharmacist though. 14-states are considering bills protecting pharmacists, leaving women, including those who take the pill for a medical condition to go elsewhere. Now in my neighborhood chances are folks can, in fact, go elsewhere. But in a whole lot of the country the're trapped.

How bad is it going to get in four years? Worst that any of us can imagine.

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