Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm on semi-hiatus. I'm not truly gone, but I'm swamped at work and not sure how to focus on the obscenity that is the current administration. John Bolton at the U.N. Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank. Any ridiculous hyperbole that I construct will be a conservative estimate of the real future.

I'll drop in from time to time, rant if I've a mind to. But I won't be regular for a while.
In my home state (Maryland) it looks like I need to figure out who to support to replace Paul Sarbanes. He has been a wonderful Senator. Do you know how terrific it is to know he will always vote the right way?

You all need to please pay attention. Do good works. Don't let the fact that they are fascist bastards drag you so far down that you stop fighting back. Listen to Air America if it's in your neighborhood. Talk to folks on the fence. And never never quit.

See you later.

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