Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Defeat Them Abroad

before they attack us at home. Destroy their bases so that they can't attack us from them.

Johnny One-Note.

No, I don't know why I watch. Some sort of compulsion I suppose.

He's all adjectives. "Hateful" ideology. "Savage" acts.

I'm typing this while watching by the way. And I'm wondering, as I often do, if he is actually capable of believing the tripe falling from his lips. I fear he is about to tell me what a success this entire operation is. Wait, wait. We have made "significant progress." Woo hoo!

Rebuilding the country after three decades of tyranny is hard.

It's a shame that his speech therapist couldn't do anything about his awkward pacing, staccato word spacing, and the pronounciation of the word terrist.

Oh, did I drift off? Operation Lightening. Is good. "The progress in the past year has been significant."

"As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down." followed by a stare into the camera and a shit-eating grin. I guess he thought that was clever.

Blah blah blah blah. Flooding me with details doesn't convince me. It bores me.

Oooh, oooh three new steps. (1) Um. Combined operations. (2) Embedding transition teams in coalition units. (3) Working with Iraqi ministries to improve their ability to do intelligence.
Hey. Weren't we doing this stuff already ? Why not? "We've learned that Iraqis are courageous but need more skills."

We're gonna stay in Iraq. It's about the message we're sending. Our troops will continue to die for a message. And. The number of troops isn't his fault. If the commanders ask, he'll send more. But more. Would send the wrong message.

You're on your own. I can't stand any more. These guys are so insulting, treating us like a little chat from Our Leader will make it all right. Until next time.

In all fairness here is the complete text.

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