Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Have Never Been a Hillary Fan

I think she botched her health care task force badly and set the cause of increased accessibility to health care back decades. And, in my view, the cause of said botching was a deadly combination of hubris and naiveity. She thought because her ideas were better than everybody elses, she didn't need to cooperate, listen, or compromise with others who didn't agree. She saw no need to sully herself by convincing others, one by one, of the value that could be found in her project.

There is a lot to criticize Hillary for, not the least of which is not calling out Bill for sticking his dick in an intern's mouth on her watch. She is distant where her spouse is warm, she is intellectual where her spouse is empathetic, and she is narrow in her political policy. And I do not want her massive loss in a presidential campaign to set back the cause of progressives and the notion of successful women in politics. So I think she should keep herself out of the next presidential campaign. And I think she should say so. Soon.

But now she's gone too far.

Before I proceed, a little personal disclosure. I own Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In fact I believe that engaging in this passtime allows me enough of an outlet for much of my hostility that it prevents real world violence. More disclosure. I am female (as if you couldn't figure this out). I am a feminist.

Now the junior senator from New York seems to have discovered a code that unlocks 'sexually graphic images' in the game. First, I doubt that she discovered this while looking for cheat codes to get past her own inability to get past a particularly diffcult place in the game. Nope, someone related this information to her. And, knowing nothing of the game (or any other video games, I'll wager) she got all "woo hoo ain't it awful" about it. Took a page from The Tipper Chronicles. The only problem with that is that even though Tipper was way off base in trying to protect the little children from bad words on records (back in the day), everybody knew that Tipper was a nice lady but a blonde ditz, so they kind of humored her in a condescending way. Like patting her on the head and saying "There, there, Tipper. It'll be ok. Why don't you go bake some cookies?"

But Hillary -- nobody thinks of patting her on the head.

Let me make myself clear. Hillary is whining about adults -- the game is rated "M" for those 17 and older -- doing research on the internet and finding a hack that allows them to view CARTOON SEX. She says that said CARTOON SEX is a major threat to morality. This is me, rolling my eyes. Yep, that's what this is about. Adults who did enough research to let them view cartoon sex. Written by independent folks as an add on to the game.

So the woman is messing with my gaming. She is trying to compete with all those whackjob focus on the family people. And in the process she has made herself look like a nutjob too.

Isn't it time we got her off of the stage?

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