Tuesday, July 19, 2005

John Roberts, A Man With Two First Names

and member of The Federalist Society (which I refuse to link to).

Oh I might as well say a few words now because by tomorrow everyone else will have and I'll be bored. Let me start with Karl Rove, because everything about this nomination has Karl Rove, college dropout, stamped all over it.

What I Should Have Expected:

In a grand Fuck You to women, minorities, and anybody who doesn't look like George Bush, we have a White Guy Who Looks Like George.

His wife looks so Republican that just looking at her medium blonde dyed hair and too large, too gaudy pink suit hurts my eyes

Karl set it up to tantalize the press with a woman, bobbed, weaved, and finally hit us between the eyes with -- somebody totally predictable

Karl did everything right to take the focus off of his little pecadillos

In typical college dropout from Texas fashion, Karl heavy handed all of it

What I Totally Missed:

John Roberts is Ken Starr's protege

A few details from the Independent Judiciary:

"Mr. Roberts co-wrote a Supreme Court brief in Rust v. Sullivan,1 for the first Bush administration, which argued that the government could prohibit doctors in federally-funded family planning programs from discussing abortions with their patients."

"Mr. Roberts wrote two law review articles arguing for an expansive reading of the Contracts and Takings clauses of the Constitution, taking positions that would restrict Congress' ability to protect the environment."

"While working with the Solicitor General's office, Mr. Roberts co-wrote an amicus brief on behalf of the Bush administration, in which he argued that public high schools can include religious ceremonies in their graduation programs, a view the Supreme Court rejected."

The Alliance for Justice report opposing his confirmation for the court of appeals is in PDF.

My only hope is that the loyal opposition has the cojones to make sure the American public understands what these people are about before the 2006 elections.

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