Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sasha Undercover, An Online Magazine

Sasha Undercover, An Online Magazine

The blog is no more. Welcome to my online magazine.

The FEC is reformulating its regulations regarding communication on the internet. There is a great deal of concern in the blogger community that under the proposed regulations "the FEC has taken that narrow concern and exploded it into a mandate to regulate all aspects of political activity on the internet."
However the FEC seems to be saying magazines are beyond regulation while blogs may be regulated as political speech.

Atrios (Duncan Black in the preceeding letter) asks "Why is somebody who prints up and mails out weekly vanity newsletter entitled to the media exemption but not me?
Why is Michael Savage entitled to the media exemption but not me?
Why is entitled to the media exemption but not me?"

Through various hearings and details that are not worth going into here, the answer to that question has become increasingly muddy. As a result, however, I am joining my brethren and sistren in the online community -- Jeralyn is tracking this trend better than I could -- and ending my blog known as Sasha Undercover. As of today I am launching an online magazine called Sasha Undercover.

I shall explain in greater detail, borrowing some of the particulars from The Talent Show.

I will continue to be the primary writer for Sasha Undercover, but blog posts will be replaced with articles of varying lengths on topics of my choosing. The section labeled 'comments' will actually be article specific message boards. The look of the site, the writing style, the subject matter, the content, and the technological back-end will be virtually identical to what I'm using now, but the change (as least as far as the FEC is concerned) will be drastic. I am no longer a blogger; I am a writer. I have business cards that say so.

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