Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Wretched Heat

may have broken where you are, but it is likely to be back soon. Wheezus, in Arizona where the homeless are dying reminds us "We can all do something about this, can't we? Even if our nation's president cares little for the less fortunate, that does not absolve the rest of us."

Morgaine suggests "Check on your neighbors. Make sure they have what they need to cope with the heat.

In 1995, the people who died in Chicago were the ones that didn’t have anyone to check in on them. Community is a person’s best chance of survival in a heat wave or almost any other emergency. If you don’t know your neighbors, now is the time to get to know them, especially if they are elderly, sick or have small kids.

Water means everything – clean water to drink, or taking a bath or shower in cool water, or a spray bottle of water or wet washcloth used in front of a fan can keep people from having heat exhaustion or stroke."

You don't have to do much to help a lot. Water and a bit of shade makes a huge difference.

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