Monday, October 31, 2005

An Imagined Phone Call

Person X: Patrick, Dick Cheney here. How have you been?

Person Y: Good, good, Dick. But I'm sick of this investigation. I want to get back to Chicago. Can't get a decent pizza in this town.

Person X: Well I think I can help you Pat. We've decided what to do here.

Person Y: Thank God. I was beginning to sweat the new grand jury thing.

Person X: No, it won't come to that. We've decided to let Scooter take the hit.

Person Y: Just Scooter? You know they're clamoring for Karl's ass.

Person X: Yeah, I know. But Scooter should be enough to get them off of the scent. Make the indictment long, with a lot of charges.

Person Y: Ok, I'll give it a try. I sure want to get home. Thanks Dick.

Person X: Lynn's calling. Good luck, Pat.

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