Thursday, October 13, 2005

Religious Twins

It occurred to me that Louis Farrakhan, the former calypso singer and Nation of Islam leader who will be leading the Million More March this weekend and James Dobson, the former professor of pediatrics and Focus on the Family leader who likely be called before the Senate Judiciary Committee to report on what Karl Rove told him about Harriet Miers are virtually the same.

They both affect that slightly off, high pitched, soft soft voice with soothing long vowels that seem to be trying to hypotnize the listener. And they both affect a smarmy pasted on smile, one that might seem friendly or approachable if it were not so stiff and unchanging. And if it did not attempt to mask the hateful, vile, racist, anti-women/jew/intellectual/moderate/catholic/black/thinking/white/whoever-isn't- like-them rhetoric. They both claim to derive their knowledge directly from God, and present themselves as better than their followers, and both espouse bizarre views including approval of violence.

I could do without either of them getting any media attention. They are both very very bad for the country.

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