Friday, October 28, 2005

Try, Try Again
Patrick Fitzgerald
So yesterday when indictments were expected Our President countered with Harriet Miers' resignation. It was a good try. They rightfully assessed that the media would be obsessed with the withdrawal to the exclusion of other news. Unfortunately for the White House, they were tricked by media leaks pinpointing the time of the indictment to Thursday. So they wasted a good one.

Current thinking, and leaking for that matter, pinpoints noon today for the release of documents -- don't forget where you can find them -- followed by a press conference by Mr. Fitzgerald.
So this morning Our President feels a sudden need to make some sort of major speech about the War on Terror. In Norfolk. At a naval base. At a podium where the background is covered with American flags. He drones on, as if to scare us all over again. But this time it just isn't working. Wolf, who until about two weeks ago was a total sycophant, cut him off in mid-sentence saying that we are hearing much of what we have heard before. They replaced his live visage with a re-cap of the expected Libby indictment followed by a montage of clips of Our President talking about firing anyone who is indicted.

It is cold and dreary here at the Sasha house, but I'm feeling all warm and toasty.

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