Friday, November 04, 2005

The Right To Privacy

Via John at Americablog originated by Dan Savage (You know. Savage Love.) to whom we should bow or curtsey in gratitude.

Mr. Savage suggests a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the right to privacy.

"If the Republicans can propose a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, can’t the Dems propose a “Right to Privacy” amendment? Since the RTP is popular (unlike the anti-gay marriage amendment), the Dems should put it out there and let the Republicans run around the country explainging why they're against a right to privacy—not a winning position. Then, once it passes, we’ll be spared the debate over whether or not the RTP is in there every time a conservative is nominated to the Supreme Court."

This is brilliant in its simplicity. It would, indeed, be wildly popular. And I can find no way to argue against it without sounding like, and probably being, a total nutcase. The supporters would be Jeffersonian in their desire to write down rights that they already believe exist -- much like a simple extension of the Bill of Rights. I love it. I'd like to hear any rational objections.

Update: The Left Coaster is onboard as well. What are we waiting for?

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