Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It Is Amazing How Much Blatant Sexism Pisses Me Off

Here we have The Prez destroying the Constitution, instituting the total imperial presidency, the absolute annihilation of a democratic form of government. And I can deal.

But these pigs ...

Yeah, more women than men go to college. One might think that it is positive that some measure of equality has been achieved. But nooooo. Let's see how we can cast this as a horror of the third order. Oh, I know. They'll have trouble getting dates. And we all know that getting dates is the woman's raison d'etre.

I'm not just making this up. Some collaborator named Melana Zyla Vickers at The Weekly Standard tells us
At colleges across the country, 58 women will enroll as freshmen for every 42 men. And as the class of 2010 proceeds toward graduation, the male numbers will dwindle. Because more men than women drop out, the ratio after four years will be 60--40, according to projections by the Department of Education.

The problem isn't new-women bachelor's degree--earners first outstripped men in 1982. But the gap, which remained modest for some time, is widening. More and more girls are graduating from high school and following through on their college ambitions, while boys are failing to keep pace and, by some measures, losing ground.


Today's shortage of men, by contrast, is largely ignored, denied, or covered up. Talk to university administrators, and few will admit that the imbalance is a problem, let alone that they're addressing it.

Suddenly the reactionary right favors affirmative action. I can't stand it.

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