Saturday, January 21, 2006

Where's Sasha?

This has not been much of a personal blog, but it has been a busy month and we know one another well enough to tolerate a few personal details. My 16 year old dog had emergency surgery. She is well, thank you very much. Sasha has been sick sick sick. She is recovering thank you very much.

And. I have made my first ever New Year's Resolution. I resolve to be lazier. I am working on it, semi-successfully. (I slipped and watched the Alito hearings and got consistently livid, as I knew I would. Hope springs eternal.)

It turns out that one of the many ways I pass the time has been recognized by the New York Times. Too bad because I hate being trendy. Now I shall go watch the political yak shows while spinning some lovely cashmere on a wheel that looks just like the one on the right.

Don't go too far away. I'll be back.

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