Monday, April 03, 2006

The DNC and Me

Once upon a time I donated a sum to the Democratic National Committee in the form of a check. It was a modest check, but it was what I could do at the time. I signed the check Sasha Undercover, as always. Time passed and I received a letter begging someone at my address to donate more money. Unfortunately the solicitation was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Sasha Undercover. Since there was no one at my address with that name and title, I tossed the request in the circular file.

More time passed. Solicitations came and went. I took the time to write an explanation in response and said that if they would send me a solicitation to Ms. Sasha Undercover, Dr. Sasha Undercover (to which I am entitled), or just Sasha Undercover I would gladly contribute more. They failed.

An election some time ago neared and I received phone calls from the DNC requesting a donation. I said "Of course. I would be most pleased to donate if only you can get this right. Surely the DNC doesn't believe that all women must be attached to men. Simply send me something with the correct form of address and I will send you a donation." I was assured that something would be forthcoming immediately. Time passed and my disappointment grew.

Another telephone solicitor found me. And when I repeated my tale which was getting longer and longer, they tried to blame the computer. Now I am a computer whiz, a savant as it were. I offered my services to solve this problem free of charge. Consider it a donation. I was turned down.

I had high hopes for Howard Dean, but he too has failed me.

Why am I telling you this? Because someone at my address -- I have moved twice, by the way -- just received a 2006 Democratic Strategy Survey from the DNC. They would like whoever this is to renew an annual membership that does not exist. Unfortunately it is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Sasha Undercover, so I had to file it in the usual location.

I am not hopeful about the upcoming election.

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