Saturday, May 06, 2006

This Stunningly Incompetent Administration

has a Kennedy in a compromising position, one of the right's favorite things. I mean it's like Christmas and the fourth of July and dad taking you on your first visit to a hooker; drink and cum and joy abound.

And what do they do? They manage to have a Porter Goss suddenly step down admidst a Dusty Froggo scandal that burbles up right in the middle of it, complete with bribery, hookers, and everything nice.

And if this isn't enough, Sadly No! speculates

Newsflash: The administration has announced the resignation of CIA director Porter Gannon. Uh, Gay -- Porter Gay. ...I mean "Goss."

Update: This is quite possibly unfair. Just because rumors have long swirled about Austin gay bar habitué Scott McClellan, and also the dapper Andrew Card, both recently resigned from White House employ, and just because Randy "Duke" Cunningham has admitted to homosexual liaisons, and despite the fact that former White House sleepover guest Jeff Gannon has suddenly begun appearing in public and in fact only this week admitted to his homosexuality, it does not necessarily mean that the hookers in question were male.

...Nor does the fact that Ken Mehlman is in a bit of hot soup at the moment, nor the fact that Condi Rice is a lesbian.

It is irresponsible to speculate too boldly in this regard. On the plus side, however, there are supposed to be photographs.

So much for that Kennedy thing. I mean if they can't keep a Kennedy scandal in the spotlight, how could they possibly run Iraq? It's just pitiful.

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