Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bill Moyers for President, Redux

I am sure that those of you who hang on my every word remember back in February when I came out for Bill Moyers for President. I admit it was early in the season and I didn't really bother to write cogently about why.

I am glad to see that Molly Ivins has gotten on the bandwagon. She says

Bill Moyers has been grappling with how to fit moral issues to political issues ever since he left Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and went to work for Lyndon Johnson in the teeth of the Vietnam War. Moyers worked for years in television, seriously addressing the most difficult issues of our day. He has studied all different kinds of religions and different approaches to spirituality. He's no Holy Joe, but he is a serious man. He opens minds -- he doesn't scare people. He includes people in, not out. And he sees through the dark search for a temporary political advantage to the clear ground of the Founders. He listens and he respects others.

After you finish reading Ms. Ivins column please follow her instructions and let Moyers know what you think of this idea, write him at PO Box 309, Bernardsville, NJ, 07924. I, for one, feel more hopeful than I have in a long time.