Thursday, August 17, 2006

Show Me A Republican

who is not an ignorant racist pig/cracker/I can't think of anything bad enough. Please. Surely there must be an honorable one left, an idealist who seeks a better society even if her or his means are misguided.

Ok, I didn't bother talking about George Felix Allen Junior's idiocy. If you want, go look at the video again. And don't for a moment forget the excellent explanation by John over at AMERICABlog.
It's a French slur, derived from the word macaque, as in monkey, used against the dark-skinned people of North Africa. And guess what? George Allen's mother was a French national (one presumes she was not a black woman) who lived in North Africa before coming to the US (she was in the US at least by the late 50s). And judging by the rather terrible French relations with North Africa during the era, it's likely that a white French woman living in the area might know a few nasty words for dark people, and use them around her children.

AMERICABlog has done an exceptional job of following this up through the most recent explanation, that he was calling the only non-white person in the crowd a shithead foreigner. Mind, this is the best thing they could think of to say.

Well that isn't what got me started. I wasn't even surprised. But they just don't quit.

Tramm Hudson, a republican, natch, is was leading in his primary in the very same district that Our Friend Katherine Harris recently vacated. Slam dunk, right? So what does the dork do? He goes and shoots himself in the head. On camera. Wander on over to Redstate and watch him explain how he grew up in Alabama so he knows that black folks can't swim.

I suppose I should thank Mr. Bush for making the world seem safe for all these guys. I remember a time when they knew not to say this stuff in public, especially with a camera rolling. Keep it up gentlemen.

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