Friday, September 29, 2006

General Gonzales Instructs the Judiciary

Today Mr. Gonzales again revealed evidence of his lack of literacy by failing to read the fine print in the Constitution. The fine print, for Mr. Gonzales, seems to consist of the part below the title.

Speaking before a conference on the judiciary according to Forbes, he said that

he said the independence of federal judges, who are appointed for life, "has never meant, and should never mean, that judges or their decisions should be immune" from public criticism.

and that

the Constitution makes the president commander in chief and the Supreme Court has long recognized the president's pre-eminent role in foreign affairs. "The Constitution, by contrast, provides the courts with relatively few tools to superintend military and foreign policy decisions, especially during wartime," the attorney general told a conference on the judiciary at Georgetown University Law Center.

"Judges must resist the temptation to supplement those tools based on their own personal views about the wisdom of the policies under review," Gonzales said.

Given his excellent track record in interpreting the Constitution in the past, I'm glad to see that he is still instructing the other branches.

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