Monday, December 03, 2007

I Hate To Spoil You
with two posts in one day, get your hopes up and then disappoint you, but I just can't stand that whiney sniveling little thing in the White House when he exhibits all of that "Mommy! They're being MEAN to me!" Don't you know in your heart of hearts that that thing that passes for his mother just kicked the shit out of him for the sniveling and that he just upped the ante?

Have I mentioned before how much I loathe the whining? Oops. Turns out that was someplace else where I no longer post. That's ok because these rants, like his whines, get to sounding an awful lot alike after a while.

Honestly, what's the matter with that man. Now he is blithering about the mean mean Senate that gaveled into session every couple of days to keep his slimey ass from making more of his horrid recess appointments and instead of saying "well played" like any adult would have he goes off, pissy just like always, saying
“In a political maneuver designed to block my ability to make recess appointments, congressional leaders arranged for a senator to come in every three days or so, bang a gavel, wait for about 30 seconds, bang a gavel again, and then leave,” Bush said. “Under the Senate rules, this counts as a full day. If 30 seconds is a full day, no wonder Congress has got a lot of work to do.”

The mewling is just so repellant.

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