Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Food Blogging

Others bring you Friday pet blogging or Thursday Bassett Blogging but the recent demise of my beloved Trixie prevents that. Instead I will try to offer weekend food blogging featuring dishes that I am trying out. If I can find my camera I might even offer an occasional photograph of my own, but not today.

Today I am facing an ice storm and a bag of yukon gold potatoes. In spite of the weather all of the Christmas sweets have put me off of heavy stews and roasts. But warm is good. So later today I'll be trying jojo potatoes.

Clothilde at Chocolate & Zucchini, whose photograph you see on the right, offers oven "fried" wedge potatoes with a mayonnaise sauce like those served at McDonald's in Paris.

Unfortunately I seem genetically unable to follow a recipe. So I'll modify Clothilde's which she has modified from elsewhere. Basically one tosses the potatoes in a mix of butter, flour, cheese, and spices and bakes them for an hour. (See why we do this in the winter?) She uses parmesan; I'll use asiago. As for the dipping sauce, this will be 1/3 ketchup mixed with 2/3 mayonnaise and a couple of squirts of Tiger hot sauce.

Envy me for I will be wallowing in starch!

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Lisa McMann said...

Yum. How did they turn out?