Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year End Wishes

This started as an end-of-year "don't" list. As I meandered through possible entrants I found that it is actually just a "I don't ever want to think about that again" list. I hope the beings that control my universe accept my year of good karma as an offering and shield my eyes from the following:

5. General Petraeus, otherwise known as "Peaches."

4. Some poor corporation that might lose a tiny bit in profits if it is treated like everybody else. The proof is left to the student.

3. The five Romney brothers. Seriously people, who wants to be reminded that the least sexual candidate ever, Willard Romney, did what needs to be done to make those babies. I never want to be reminded again. It does really bad things to my libido.

2. The earth is 6,000 years old. Actually this covers more than it seems. I am sick to death of pretending that I am respectful of folks' ridiculous notions because somehow they are attached to a notion called "faith." The idea that their notions are strongly believed seems to mean that I have to tolerate arguments about silly ideas being taught in school or arguments about government involvement in my medical decisions. Just stop it.

1. Announcements written on peoples' asses. They are all wretched but I find the curved pink sparkly letters and the writing on the asses of three year olds especially aggregious. Please make it stop.