Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Going Down The Tubes

Interior, Dirksen Senate Office Building

  • A new 527 has been formed to let folks know what Senator Clinton is. Check out the logo. Seriously, you really want to.

  • Bill Clinton running for President

  • Recession? What recession? Oh, well if we were going that way an actual Nobel Prize winning economist might have an idea or two.


    bdr said...

    Re: New 527

    I was wondering if you could resist.

    BTW, this is a tact we'll see lots of, whether it's O or HRC.

    "It's a joke. We're just selling t-shirts. What, you can't take a joke, you humorless fascist?"

    Sasha said...

    Of course I couldn't resist. I am weak. And I agree. That tactic will extend to "We're not racist. It's all in your head."

    Landru said...

    Y'know, bitches, we're the uncivil ones.