Friday, January 04, 2008

I Have Neglected You

my little truffles. I have been off of work, sleeping late, and generally ignoring the existance of the world. I love that the political season has started in earnest. I'm so glad that Mr. Obama did so well in Iowa. Whether I support him or not, winning in such a lily white place speaks well for us.

Chris Dodd's "farewell" letter is a class act. And he promises to continue the FISA fight. Good for him.

Oh, and go see Juno and Charlie Wilson's war. Ok, back to my book now. Enjoy the New Hampshire debates tomorrow.


Puffy said...

Those are the two movies that I saw on Christmas Day. Loved them both. The History channel had an excellent show, "The True Story of Charlie Wilson's War," which featured the real people involved in the story.

Ellen Page, who played "Juno" was on Letterman the other night. She's from Nova Scotia.

Kimmah said...

I really want to go see Juno, but I'm sure my lovely local theater won't show it lest they offend the nccs and stupid dudes of the world. *sigh* Thank dog for cable.