Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stunning Campaign Incompetence

Astonishing! I basically assume if you become a credible candidate for President you must have achieved a minimal level of competence but apparently I was wrong. All that nonsense she is trying to throw against the wall about words don't matter just comes across as wrongheaded and desperate. The silly plagarism charge is clearly a desperate distraction. But I can excuse that stuff based on desperation. The following, though, is just boneheaded incompetence.

Clinton campaign operatives tell Politico that
Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign intends to go after delegates whom Barack Obama has already won in the caucuses and primaries if she needs them to win the nomination.
Why in the bloody blue blazes would you announce that? Seriously? One has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

But it gets better ....

They couldn't manage to file a slate of delegates in Pennsylvania.
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign failed to file a full slate of convention delegate candidates for Pennsylvania's April 22 primary... It appears Clinton came up 10 or 11 candidates short across a number of congressional districts, including two in Philadelphia. That's close to 10 percent of the 103 delegates to be decided by voters. It appears the shortage would've been double that if Rendell hadn't extended last week's candidate filing deadline by a day and a half, ostensibly due to bad weather.

Better yet ...

Even though everybody in western civilization knows that Texas is a "must win" state, Senator Clinton's staff didn't understand how the primary/caucus system works until recently.
Several top Clinton strategists and fundraisers became alarmed after learning of the state's unusual provisions during a closed-door strategy meeting this month, according to one person who attended.
This, in spite of the fact that the rules are easily available.

Seriously, if they can't figure out the rules, how can they run the country?

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