Saturday, May 24, 2008

McCain's Medical Records

They're claiming that the medical records were released yesterday, a Friday you'll note, the Friday before Memorial day -- seems just a tiny bit like they didn't want folks to read about it? -- but they weren't. A PDF summary was released.

As for the actual records, the ones that were promised in March which was then moved to April without explanation then to May ... well they weren't released at all. What he did was invite (1)400 (2)personally selected reporters (3)into a room for (4)three hours to peruse records between (5)2000 and 2008. They weren't allowed to (6)photocopy anything but could take notes. Oh and there were 1100+ pages to peruse during those three hours. His (7)psychiatric records were not included.

Ok, we have delay, seven major restrictions, the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend and the absence of anything about his mental condition. And the two newspapers allowed to participate were the Washington Post and Arizona Republic. Two. Just two.

The result? All over the teevee folks are telling us that he got a clean bill of health. HOW CAN THEY TELL? And why isn't the media screaming bloody murder about this management of the news? Honestly didn't they learn squat about doing their jobs over the past decade? Don't they wonder what he's hiding? I sure do.

I don't want to hear any more crap about his "clean bill of health" until the records are complete and public. Sheesh.

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