Friday, August 01, 2008

Again with the Taser

This time, in another stunning (ha ha!) example of police incompetence and willingness to use a Taser for no damn reason we have the police responding to a call about a young man lying on the ground under an overpass. In their zeal to subdue the young man -- yes, the one lying on the ground -- they ordered him to get up and, when he didn't, decided that they needed to subdue him. Because, you know, somebody lying on the ground is a serious threat to life and limb. In fact they Taser him 19 times. That'll teach him to get up when the police order him too. He should have been able to overcome that broken back (and a broken heel, for that matter) that they think he got when he fell off of the overpass 30 feet above him.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he had a broken back. Swell, eh? Oh and he couldn't go into surgery immediately because the Taser, that harmless Taser, gave him a temperature. Hah! What a surprise. All those volts going through your body raise its temperature a bit.

" Police say although there are several unanswered questions; the reason for the use of a stun gun is not one of them.

“It's a big concern for the officers to keep this guy out of traffic, to keep him from getting hurt,” said Rousset," the police captain.

When are they going to take these things away from incompetents?

(via Balloon Juice)

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