Saturday, September 06, 2008

Time To Get To Work

The fun is over for now. It is time to get to work. Do you remember the presidential election of 2004? There is a picture of how it went over there on the right, just in case you have forgotten.

While you are planning the best course for the Obama campaign, enjoying the debates, railing over the outrageous lies, and the like, you need to do your part by getting everybody and their second cousin to register to vote. The opposition is still full of really really bad guys, and if you doubt that, let me remind you about the seamier side of Sarah Palin.

They will try everything they can to maintain power. They are the corporatists, the Republicans, the Cheneys, the oil and medical and war interests. They will misallocate voting machines, lock doors, reprogram computers, remove legitimate voters from the rolls, vote two or three or four time, and do lots of other things that we haven't thought of yet. They will target brown districts and democratic districts. We can't stop everything they will do.

But we can overwhelm them. They can't steal all of the votes. Democratic registration is up while Republican registration is down. But that isn't enough. We have to get every single possible person registered now and get them to the polls later. We can't give them a chance to steal this one. It is too important.

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