Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Cold Out There

but this Capitol Police Officer stands watch while we all get ready to welcome a new president.

I'm almost afraid to say it. I still have that awful sense of foreboding, that somebody can take it away, that Darth Cheney will find a way to wreck any hope we might have.

I'm not the only one. All of those people standing out in the cold to get a glimpse of a train going by on its way to Washington. All of those people packing their way into Washington in spite of the fact that they won't get near seeing anything but an image on a Jumbotron. But we need this so badly. And it seems so unimaginable, so renewing, to have a young man, an African-American, an intelligent human, a father and husband, who will take the reins.

It is really quite amazing.

Photo by Molly Riley for Reuters

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