Friday, September 25, 2009

Tasers Yet Again

Pam Spaulding points to Electronic Village's current post detailing each of the 36 taser deaths in the US thus far this year. I won't go into great detail because they have done so, but I must note that 39% of the deaths are black men.

For those of you who think this isn't about you? Digby offers an 81 year old man tased repeatedly.
"Schiaffini walks with a cane, has no use of his left arm after suffering six strokes, and takes several prescription medications daily."

As I often point out, it is way past time to take away this often abused weapon from the abusers.

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Swami said...

I think police use tasers unnecessarily because most officers have an exaggerated fear of contracting AIDs from a scratch, spit or bite. From this perspective, tasing is a "clean" take-down for them, and justifiable too. They seldom talk about it but the few officers I know have this fear of catching AIDs