Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Abe Pollin, 1923-2009

Abe Pollin was a mensch, a man good to his core. He treated people well, believed in the right stuff, and singlehandedly brought a formerly crappy part of Washington DC back to life. I am often within a few blocks of the Verizon Center that he built with his own money. And some while back used to see those two guys having lunch. Abe was not much more than 5 feet tall, came just past the belt buckle of his basketball players. But he'd get up in the middle of lunch, walk around the luncheonette, and make sure he talked to everybody, smiled, wished them well.

We'll miss him. He did a lot of good for the town and for the sports he was associated with. He'd had a few awful years courtesy of one of those rare diseases we don't pay much attention to, yet he and Irene still got to as many games as he could. I hope she is well. They were together for 65 years.

More about him and the future of the franchise here.

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