Saturday, January 23, 2010

CNN Reports Haiti

Bless their hearts, CNN still retains some reporting capability. Except for a brief, small presence by NBC stars early on, they are the only folks doing actual day-to-day reporting from Haiti. It would be easy to blame racism or a lack of heart but I really think it is that xenophobia so beloved of Pat Buchanan that leaves most news so internal that we rarely recognize Canada. That, in turn, leaves us painfully parochial in most things.

But this is about CNN and their reportage, which is consistently excellent under horrid conditions. Both Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta are everywhere all the time exhibiting compassion while reporting and, in the case of Gupta, performing as an additional physician as needed. They are ably supplemented by Gary Tuchman and what seems to be about half a dozen others whose names I don’t know. Retired General Honore (I know there is an accent over the final ‘e’ but I don’t know how to get it there.) back in a studio in the US explains logistics in a clear, masterful manner.

After a week and a half of this, though, I have reached the point where I just can’t stand the testosterone or the vanity. These pretty boys are doing great work but their still worrying about how their hair looks. It takes a lot away from their credibility exactly like it does when women do the same thing. But worse is that I feel like I am in a locker room much of the time. I have a great deal of trouble believing that there isn’t a single competent woman who could be part of the team. They probably don’t notice but I do. And I just can’t stand it any more.

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