Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pink, Perfect

May not be easy to watch.  

All bullying is the same.


Jim H. said...

I don't believe I'm even perfectible. That doesn't mean I don't or won't strive.

Landru said...

Of course it's not perfect. It involves Pink. And it starts with her having sex. I mean, not to dismiss the point, but it's hard to even start watching.

Landru said...

So I find I need to clarify, which is probably more about me than about the comment.

I find Pink loathsome. I find the son loathsome musically. I find the video heavy-handed.

That is not to say that the message is wrong. And the simplicity of Pink's framing of the issue is compelling and attractive.

But she's still fucking loathsome, and I sincerely hope that my opinion of her wouldn't cause her to cry.

Landru said...

Jesus. What a fucktard typist.

"son" = "song"