Thursday, October 06, 2011


Everybody has a piece of advice for the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. They should put their clothes on. They should stop raising their fists. They should fact-check their handwritten signs. They should appoint leaders who can give pithy quotes to reporters. They should get with an electoral program...
If you spend an hour or two down at Liberty Plaza, as I did with my 8-year-old daughter this past weekend, it’s clear enough. She got the point, at least: especially from the signs that read, “You should teach your kids to share,” and, “Give my mom her money back!! A single working mom…not fair!
And these aren't just folks on the right. It seems as though the left is incessantly whining about the lack of perfection of the first sign of life from anybody who isn't to the right of Attila the Hun. Do they really want everything lousy so that they can snivel and cry in their beer? Are they really so afraid of the lack of order that anything short of instant perfection must be reigned in? What's up with all of the fear and trepidation? Afraid that if you say what you mean somebody won't like you?

Is this the result of an over-privileged middle class afraid of losing 385 television channels? Or a school system spun from Texas-approved text books? Or a struggle to grab what little you can from an economy that is in the toilet?

Maybe it is you, my fearful leftist friends, who are to blame for Barack Obama, you people who seem just like him, who would rather not make waves than make progress. Look in the mirror. Please.

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